Small Quiz



Although Ravi felt lonely in his fight against the wrong he decided to take the bull by the horns 

Ravi decided to convince others of his stance 

Ravi decided to give up his fight 

Ravi decided to put forward all his courage and strength 

Ravi decided to apologize for his actions 

none of these 


As the situation got out of control, the speaker of the parliament tried to put oil over troubled waters 

the speaker tried to calm the situation 

the speaker tried to take advantage of the situation 

the speaker jumped into the fight 

the speaker remained indifferent to the situation 

none of these 


The researcher tried his best to explain the importance of his new discovery to the panel members but soon realized that he was casting pearls before a swine 

he realised that the panel members would take  his suggestions seriously 

he realised that he disclosed the information to a greedy panel 

He realised that he had come to the right group of people 

He realised that the panel member can not appreciate his findings 

none of these 


The chairman had to eat a humble pie  after the workers decided to go on strike to protest against the biased promotions. 

The chairman politely refused to take the promotion orders back 

The chairman gave up his pride and apologised for the mistake 

The chairman has to face defeat by a group of ordinary workers 

The chairman's career was tinted due to the allegations of biased promotions 

none of these 


The bankrupt organisation has been handed over to its new owners, lock, stock, and barrels. 

only a few departments of the bankrupt organisations have been taken over by the new owners 

the new owners have bought the bankrupt organisation for a very nominal amount 

the owners have bought the bankrupt organisation in a hurry 

the new owners have completey taken over the bankrput organisation